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University of Chicago

Caltech offers a unique exchange opportuntiy for a fall term with the University of Chicago. The University of Chicago calls itself an intellectual destination where conventional thinking is challenged. This environment is perfect for Caltech students to learn and live for a term.

Living and studying in the great city of Chicago during their beautiful fall season provides an opportunity to explore the city's great museums, vibrant business community, visit parks and recreation areas, and use the excellent public transportation system.

General Information

Students will study for the fall term, live with University of Chicago students in a university residence hall, and take up to a maximum of 4 classes. Students will take 2 classes for which they can get credit in their primary option at Caltech, and the other 2 classes are their choice providing the student meets the requirements for the class. This means that students can take two elective or required classes in their option, in another STEM field, or in the humanities or social sciences. One of the max 4 classes could also be taken in one of the professional schools listed below if the student meets the requirements and the class is approved by U. Chicago:

The Booth School of Business, the Law School, the School of Social Service Administration, or the Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies

Searching for Classes

Use the course search to find classes for Autumn in order to create your course list proposal (required for the application). Type in the department or select on the side bar, e.g., computer science. Click seach to obtain a list of the latest Autumn Term classes. Only the current year's classes are viewable because next fall's schedule is not yet set. Click on each class to get a detailed description. Classes numbered 1000 to 1999 are introductory or first level. Classes numbered 2000 or 2999 are upper level and 3000 and up are grad level.

Please note: There are no engineering undergraduate majors at the University of Chicago with the exception of molecular Engineering. Caltech  students cannot apply in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Chemical Engineering as these majors do not exist.  EE, Mech E, and Chem Eng would need to research alternative majors that would enable taking two classes for option credit. Chemical Engineering or Bioengineering students may consider Chemistry or Molecular Engineering which includes chemical and soft materials.

Major and minor subjects are listed here. Note that a blue "C" means this is a career path and is not an academic department. Majors have a large "M" and minors are indicated with a small "m". a "J" is a joint degree and not relevant to exchange students since they arenot degree candidates at UChicago.

Required Items To Apply: