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Program Handouts

First step of the study abroad process is to read through the program handouts which have important university information. Follow the specific program requirements accordingly. The handouts also have links to course catalogs or similar to prepare course lists needed for the application.

Student Comments

The following documents contain student comments on each program.

General Study Abroad Information

Caltech students are eligible to apply for study abroad programs during their sophomore or junior years, to study abroad during their junior or senior years, respectively.

Students receive a minimum of 36 units, provided that they pass their coursework and it is possible to get additional units. Students can receive general credit or option credit. Students can also get humanities or social science credit in most programs. Courses taken abroad can fulfill specific option requirements—actually replace a course taken here—as long as the instructor agrees to evaluate the course on the student's return.

Each fall we hold Study Abroad information meetings at which we explain the application process and program options, and have students who have participated in study abroad speak to share their experiences. Announcements for the meetings are sent via the Caltech email directory.

In the FASA library, you will find sample proposals, surveys on the academic and social experience at each program that were completed by former participants, and other resources pertaining to each program.