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Welcome to FASA!

Study Abroad

In addition to fellowships advising, our office also handles Caltech's official study abroad programs. We offer several study abroad programs that Caltech students may participate in for one term during their junior or senior year. The Caltech Scholars study abroad programs offer students the opportunity to study science and engineering and receive Caltech option or general credit. Some programs allow students to study subjects in the humanities or social sciences. A general description of these programs is available on this website and more specific information is available from our office.

Fellowships Advising

Our goal is to help Caltech undergraduate and graduate students seek out information on, and apply for a wide variety of highly competitive fellowships for study both in the U.S. and abroad.

Lauren Stolper, the Director, and Meghan Kuroda, Assistant Director, of Fellowships Advising and Study Abroad (FASA) is available to meet with you to discuss study abroad or fellowship options and the respective application processes. They can review essay drafts, offer advice on fellowships, or help applicants with interview strategies for those applying to fellowships that require interviews. Please call the office at (626)395-2150 to make an appointment.


And during the Stay at Home period, you can email Lauren Stolper <> or Meghan Kuroda <> to set up a Zoom meeting. Lauren advises on all fellowships for graduate study abroad. Meghan's focus is on STEM fellowships for graduate study in the U.S. plus the Watson Fellowship.


If you are interested in studying at Caltech as a visiting or exchange student, please see this page for further information.


 Study Abroad

If you are not a member of the Caltech community, please feel free to use any of the resources that we have provided here online, but note that we cannot answer your questions or be of direct assistance to you. You should direct your queries to your own school's study abroad program or fellowships office.