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Air Travel

Domestic and International Travel

Sites are designated with an asterisk (*) if they combine one-way fares on different airlines into a round trip and with a plus sign (+) if they can search a wide range of departure and return dates for those flexible with travel dates. Please note: it is important to discern whether, when using sites that combine flight on different airlines, if you will be protected if one flight is delayed when connecting flights are involved. Such information should be noted on the website of the booking site.

  • AirGorilla - Discount airfare, cars, and hotels.
  • +
  • Expedia *
  • Hotwire
  • Orbitz +
  • Travelocity * +
  • FareCompare
  • Student Universe - Cheap fares for college students and faculty for flights in the US or US/Abroad.
  • SkyScanner - US to Europe or within Europe. Monitors when prices are low on a particular route.
  • Microsoft Farecast - compare, filter, and sort flight information. Predicts flight prices for select US, Europe, and Mexico flights.
  • FlyCheapo - Comprehensive list of budget and discount airlines and routes.
  • STA Travel - All-around travel agent; travel to Europe and has good airfare and airfare/hotel package rates. Sometimes offers flexible student-oriented tickets.
  • Kayak - Flights and Hotels, domestic and international.
  • WhichBudget and AirNinja - Show which airlines fly to and from individual cities.
  • SeatExpert - Detailed airplane seat map information for many airlines.
  • SeatGuru - Particular arrangement and facilities in seats varies by airplane and air carrier; SeatGuru maintains information on many domestic and international carriers.
  • ITA Software - Assists in itinerary planning but does not offer tickets for sale directly. Clearly states complex flight plans and benefits and drawbacks to particular itineraries; allows sorting by many criteria.
  • Tom Parsons' Best Fares - is a discount travel website that monitors airfares and reports on bargain hotel rates, cheap car rentals, inexpensive last-minute vacations, and travel news.
  • Wikipedia's List of low cost airlines

Travel Within Europe

Be aware that some low cost European airlines fly only into less-used airports outside of the city center; in some cases arriving even in different countries than the city for which the airport is named. Transportation costs to the city center should be factored in when flying using budget carriers.

  • easyJet - Low cost European airline.
  • RyanAir - Low cost European airline.
  • Europe By Air - Purchase one way flights in Europe for $99, regardless of the destination. Wide range of connection opportunities. Best serves travellers making large hops across the continent, such as Dubrovnik, Croatia to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • BMI (British Midland Airlines) - While not a discount airline, by booking far enough in advance very good deals are available for flights in the UK and form the UK to/from Europe.

Budget Airlines to or in Asia

The following airlines provide service to Asia or inside of Asia.

Skynet and AirDo do not have a ticket ordering system in English - only one in Japanese.