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Short Term Lodging Options

Hostels, hotels, and home stays are the options in this category, apart from crashing on the couch of a stranger in a foreign country; the latter option is not typically recommended.

  • Backpack Europe - Information on and bookings for hotels, hostels, camping, and other opportunities.
  • Hostel Bookers - No booking fees for hostels.
  • - Prices are similar or less than walking in. Provides reviews by previous guests.
  • Hostel World - Hostel bookings and links to city guides, pubs, clubs, podcasts.
  • Bed and Breakfasts UK - U.K. bed and breakfasts and travel guides.
  • STA Travel
  • - Information on and bookings for hostels and other lodging.

Longer Term Lodging Options

Short term apartment rental for stays of one month or more in duration.

  • Investigate regional physical and online bulletin boards. Craigslist has some international listings. Check any local universities for online postings as well as local newspapers and other community sites.
  • Universities may allow you to rent their excess housing to you for longer durations.
  • International Home Exchange Network - Listings and arrangements for exchanging lodging with other individuals. Also has rental listings.