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Melbourne Scholars Program

University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

University of Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

GPA Requirements
Students must have a 3.0 GPA.

Length of Term
Students enroll in Melbourne’s Semester 2, which runs from late-July through the end of November or beginning of December, depending on the start date of the semester. There are 12 teachings weeks within this semester, plus a two-week reading week and a six-week examination period.

Term Dates
Mid-July through the end of November/beginning of December

Places Available

Students live in the independently managed student apartments within a short walk to campus.

Note that due to a much longer term and higher rent in Melbourne, there is a significant supplement charge for this program of several thousand dollars depending on housing fees and the exchange rate. If a student is on financial aid, the supplement will most likely be included in their award. If not on aid, this supplement must be paid by the student. Students not on aid for the current academic year may apply for aid or discuss loan options with Caltech's Financial Aid Office. Applicants must complete the FAFSA Form, which can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Students are admitted into a department related to their Caltech option. They take four classes, two of which must be in their option or a closely related field. The other two can be in any topic for which the student has the background, in any Melbourne department.

Application Information

Students cannot apply directly to the University of Melbourne, but must go through the official Caltech process. Please see the Application Process page for application forms for all programs