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London Scholars Program

University College London (UCL) in London, England


GPA Requirements
Minimum 3.3 GPA required.

Length of Term
12-week semester, including a mandatory orientation week

Term Dates
Approximately mid-September to mid-December

Places Available
Five to ten places are available for the Fall term.

Students live in a self-catered UCL hall of residence which is usually a short walk from the UCL academic buildings.

Students are admitted into an Admitting Department in which they must take 50% of their credit.  The remaining classes may be taken in other departments as long as the course is taught in the fall term (no year-long courses). Some departments, such as Math and Statistical Sciences, do not allow fall only students. Please see the program handout for details regarding course requirements.

Application Information
Please see the Application Process page for application forms for all programs.

UCL Scholars Program