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Edinburgh Scholars Program

University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland

GPA Requirements
Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA required, but will consider students at 2.8 level.

Length of Term
14-week semester including one week of orientation and two exam weeks.

Term Dates
Approximately the second week of September to third week of December

Places Available
Five to fifteen places are available for Fall term only.

Students will live in university-owned self-catered apartments located a short walk to the central university campus.

Students must take at least two courses in the department equivalent to their option. The other two to three courses can be selected from any course offered by the College of Science and Engineering or up to 20 credits in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences provided the student has appropriate background. Students take a total of 4-5 classes, totaling 60 to 80 Edinburgh credits, which is equivalent to minimum of 36 Caltech units.

Application Information
Please see the Application Process page for application forms for all programs.