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Copenhagen Scholars Program

University of Copenhagen (KU) in Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Technical University (DTU) in Copenhagen, Denmark

GPA Requirements
Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA required, but will consider students at 2.8 level.

Length of Term
15-week semester

Term Dates
August 30/September 1 through mid-December

Places Available
Five places at DTU and 5 places at UCPH are available for the Fall term. There is no winter term option.

Students will live in either UCPH or DTU halls of residence based on the student's admitting university in Copenhagen. Most halls have well set up kitchens in which students can cook for themselves.

All Danish students and faculty speak English. In fact, most Danes speak English very well!

Upper-level classes are taught in English. UCPH and DTU each have a rule that upper-level classes (junior, senior, or first-year graduate) can be taught in English for non-Danish speakers. Students do not need to speak Danish on a daily basis. The beginning Danish language class that students take will help them to read signs and speak on an elementary level. Students take a one-semester Danish language course in the fall. Students may elect to go in August for 3-week intensive Danish language course, but this is not required.

Students take 3 to 4 courses in their science or engineering option or a related area. Students can study economics if they are in the economics option. If a student has taken the August intensive Danish course, he/she will take the Danish 2 level of Danish in the fall. Students may opt to take for credit or audit a course on Danish history and culture. Note that both DTU and UCPH have a one week holiday break in mid October-this is a great time for students to travel.

Application Information
Please see the Application Process page for application forms for all programs.