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Cambridge Scholars Program

University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England

GPA Requirements
Minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA & minimum 3.7 GPA in Option required

Length of Term
9-week term; 8 weeks of lectures

Term Dates
Early October to early/mid-December for Michaelmas (Fall) Term
Early/mid-January to mid-March for Lent (Winter) Term

Places Available
Five places are available in the Michaelmas Term and five are available in the Lent Term. Students may apply for either one or both terms, and must apply to a second program option in addition to Cambridge.

Students are hosted by and live at Corpus Christi College, St. John's College, St. Catharine's College, or Pembroke College. All are ancient colleges.

The heart of the Cambridge curriculum is the tripos system. Students study in one tripos or subject that corresponds to their Caltech option. All of their courses abroad must be in the same tripos. See handout for details about coursework.

Students may not return to the U.S. during the term abroad.

Application Information
Please see the Application Process page for application forms for all programs

For Physics Students

For Chemical Engineering Students