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March 15, 2019 12:00 AM

Michelle Dan Named 2019 Watson Fellow

Join us in congratulating Michelle Dan (Geobiology, '19) for being selected as one of 41 Watson Fellows for 2019. Out of 152 applicants nationwide, she was one of a few selected to travel for a year after graduating to pursue a personal passion project around the world. During her "Offbeat and Upbeat  in the Anthropocene" project, Michelle will travel to Panama, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Mexico, and Cyprus to explore how humans relate to the biosphere on a personal, experiential level. Congratulations Michelle on this incredible opportunity!

Juniors, there is still time to put together your project propsals to submit by the Caltech campus deadline of April 12th. Come talk with Meghan in the FASA office to ask questions or to discuss your ideas. Our library has propsal examples from previous Watson winners, available for your review anytime Monday through Friday, 8am-12pm, & 1pm-5pm.