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St. John's College, Cambridge, England
Undergraduate Study Abroad

1 December 2014: Handouts and applications for programs commencing in 2015-2016 are now posted.

Caltech currently offers five official undergraduate study abroad programs:

Cambridge Scholars Program
Cambridge University
Cambridge, England

London Scholars Program
University College London
London, England

Copenhagen Scholars Program
Copenhagen University & Danish Technical University
Copenhagen, Denmark

Edinburgh Scholars Program
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Scotland

Ecole Polytechnique Scholars Program
Ecole Polytechnique
Paris, France

Melbourne Scholars Program
University of Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Only Caltech students are eligible and apply during their sophomore or junior year to study abroad during their junior or senior year, respectively. Students receive a minimum of 36 units, provided that they pass their coursework and it is possible to get additional units. Students can receive general credit or option credit. Students can also get humanities or social science credit in most programs. Courses taken abroad can fulfill specific option requirements, i.e., actually replace a course taken here as long as the instructor agrees to evaluate the course on the student's return.

Each fall we hold Study Abroad information meetings at which we explain the application process, the program options, and have students who have participated in study abroad speak to share their experiences. Announcements for the meetings are sent via the Caltech email directory.

In the FASA library you will find sample proposals, surveys on the academic and social experience at each program that were comleted by former participants, and a other resources pertaining to each program.

Program Information
The following documents are essential to understanding the different programs. In order to successfully apply to a Caltech Scholars Program, you must read the appropriate handout for specific information.

Study Abroad General Information (updated 2014-11-19)   pdf
Cambridge Scholars Handout
(updated 2014-11-19)
Copenhagen Scholars Handout (updated 2014-11-19)   pdf
Edinburgh Scholars Handout (updated 2014-11-19)   pdf
Ecole Polytechnique Scholars Handout (updated 2014-11-19)   pdf
UCL Scholars Handout (updated 2014-11-19)   pdf
Melbourne Scholars Handout (updated 2014-11-19)   pdf

Application Documents
Applicants must read the application directions posted below. You are welcome to fill them out by hand. All forms must be turned in as hard copies. Some forms are available as writable PDFs; please see the Guide to using writable PDFs for more information. Check the individual program handouts for program-specific information. 1 December 2014: Documents for programs beginning in 2015-2016 are now posted.

Application Directions (updated 2014-12-01)   pdf
Proposed Course List Requirements
(updated 2014-12-01)
  pdf doc
Caltech Scholars Application Form(updated 2014-12-01) pdf doc  
Application Materials Checklist (updated 2014-12-01) pdf doc
Core Course Checklist (updated 2014-12-01) pdf doc  
Caltech Scholars Programs Reference Form (updated 2014-12-01, unchanged from 2013) pdf  
Ecole Polytechnique Scholars Study Abroad Application Directions (updated 2014-12-01) pdf  
Guide to using writable PDFs pdf  

Graduate Opportunities for Study/Research Abroad

Graduate students seeking funding to support research abroad at the graduate or postdoctoral level should contact major funding agencies in their field and research fellowship opportunities such as the Fulbright. The internet is a valuable tool and one excellent resource for such grants is GrantsNet. In addition graduate students can find books in the FASA Office library that provide information on such funding. Graduate students are also encouraged to speak with faculty in their department to obtain their advice on such funding.

Recent alumni who are interested in fellowships such as the Fulbright, Rhodes, or Marshall should contact the director of the FASA Office to find out requirements for obtaining a Caltech endorsement or nomination for such awards.

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Pictured above: Students who have participated in our Caltech exchanges